Economy and work

Brabant is a region which plays a significant role in the nation’s economy. Its strong industrial sectors (e.g., high-tech, logistics and design) and the Brainport complex enable it to compete favourably with other regions throughout the world.


The reputation of maintaining close social ties that has historically been attributed to Brabant make it a (particularly) good place to invest. The province is keen to keep things that way. It has aspirations to become a European leader in the field of innovative enterprise. This hinges largely on the further promotion of the knowledge economy. Key factors in this respect include sustainability, an enterprising working population and the retention of talent.

Productive region
Brabant is one of the Netherlands’ most productive regions, as evidenced by various statistics: its share of the gross national product, employment levels, the number of companies, and the number of patents in relation to inventions. The area of the province surrounding Eindhoven is in fact Europe’s third leading technological region.

Economic Programme
In order to also ensure a healthy economy in the future, Brabant has drawn up the Economic Programme. This plan contains the strategy that Brabant must follow in order to remain a top European knowledge and innovation region. Within this context, Brabant is focusing on its strong clusters:

  • Life Sciences & Health
  • Food & Nutrition
  • High-tech Systems and Materials (including Automotive and Solar)
  • Logistics
  • Biobased Economy
  • Maintenance 

clusters in Brabant
These clusters already have strong representation in Brabant. Examples include the High-Tech Campus around the Philips facility in Eindhoven, Fokker and Boeing for Maintenance, and the new Life Sciences Park at the former MSD site in Oss. The province stimulates these clusters by working on creating a strong job market that meets the needs of business. It also does this by ensuring high-quality business premises, and by stimulating entrepreneurship and start-ups. Last but not least, it makes efforts to create a strong international profile for Brabant.

Brabant, region of Smart Health 2020

Noord-Brabant’s ambition is to accelerate innovative solutions, for easy independent living at home and healthy ageing.

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